Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian Mail Order Brides

Why are Russian mail order brides desirable?

You will find here numerous neutral information. Starting with general information such as the situation of singles in USA Europe and women in Eastern Europe. Continue with the different ways to get to know Eastern European or Russian mail order bride. We will give you advice on how to get in touch, from the first e-mails to the organization of the first meetings. You will learn how to recognize and protect fraudsters.

There is news about the preparation and implementation of the marriage with its bureaucratic hurdles to the integration of women in Western countries. In between several things about visa procurement, traveling to and from Eastern Europe, registration and deregistration in Russia (registration), the everyday life of binational couples and others. Finally, many tips, suggestions and insightful experiences from us.

As an insider of partnerships between western men and Eastern European / Russian brides, we want to pass on our knowledge and experience. Experiences with dating sites and other contacts, embassies, authorities, bureaucracy, obtaining documents, bi-national marriages etc.

Building a binational partnership is not easy. All the more important is experienced and independent advice that you can find with us. Often, the biggest difficulty is missing information. Man (n) always has many questions, but finds few answers.

We would like to give you the answers for finding a partner in Eastern Europe. With our help you can find a Russian woman more easily. Help your luck. We too were skeptical at the beginning as far as the chances of success of our contact attempts were concerned.

If you look at the different East-West dating sites and dating agencies, you will often find a variety of profiles of beautiful Eastern European women. One wonders: Why have not such beautiful women found their love yet? What can their compatriots not offer them? Why are you looking for a partner from Western Europe?

Statistically, the proportion of women in the population of Eastern European countries is slightly larger than that of men. The numbers change from year to year, but the trend remains. For this reason, many women in their home are not so easy to find. The competition is great. Sometimes the Russians say that there is a woman surplus and a shortage of men in their own country. That's why people like to think outside the box because it has never been so easy to lead an international partnership.

Another important aspect is the expected lifespan of men. In many countries of Eastern Europe women have an average longer life expectancy than men. This has different reasons. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle and high tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Somewhere in this huge Eastern Europe is your dream woman. In principle, there are only three main problems: you have to ...

More and more Western men are marrying foreign women.  For detailed information, you can also purchase and download an e-book for finding a partner in Eastern Europe. The booklet deals extensively with all aspects of a bi-national partnership with a Russian woman and leaves little to be desired.

A binational marriage considerably widens one's own horizon. It is interesting to get to know another country, its people and culture above average. You can see the world not only with your own eyes, but also with those of your partner.

In this sense, we wish you a pleasant stay on our website.

What you should know about dating a Russian woman

An entirely different reason for finding a partner abroad is the experience women have had in previous partnerships and marriages. In Western men, women from Eastern Europe often want to find out what they have not or can not expect from their compatriots. Often, when a Russian woman expresses her idea to her future partner, speaks of the following terms:

  • Stability;

  • Safety;

  • Care;

  • Love and respect;

  • Safe future for her, her children and family;

  • Possibility to realize yourself as a woman.

Someone who has some experience finding a partner in Russia should know that many online scammers are looking for gullible and inexperienced people. Men who just want to find the right partner. Often men at partner exchanges receive news from beautiful Russian ladies who already suggest a contact data exchange in the first few messages. This hurry is explained differently: "I really liked it, but I have little time to chat" or "I do not like this dating site at all. I delete my profile. Do you give me your email address? ", Etc. One thing is certain, the lady wants to have your contact details as soon as possible and in return promises to tell more about herself by e-mail and to send more pictures of herself.

Such a hurry can be easily explained. The person is a scammer and is afraid to get locked up on the portal. That's why she collects the contact details of potential victims as quickly as possible. Scammers have their own databases with male addresses. If you've ever had contact with a scammer, others might knock on you.

Data collectors are also interested in the email addresses. However, these do not use them for a direct advance fraud (in Criminology is called "scam fraud"), but for the delivery of advertising or spam emails or sell them.

We would like to point out: On a brokerage a person remains unknown even after exchange of the first news. You should get to know each other better and invest some time before exchanging contact information. Scammers and data collectors are interested in getting to know each other, they are pushing to get your contact information.

There are many portals where free ads can be published. Considering that most East-West dating sites are paid, this seems to be a cheap alternative. All you have to do is to place an ad consisting of pictures, description, wish partner details and contact details. Then just wait for your dream woman.

This procedure virtually invites scammers and data collectors. You have no control over who stores your contact information for what purpose.

Russian women and their family values

Many women from Russia and Eastern Europe have a strong idea about family, partnership and role allocation. They know what they want to find and which man they want to see by their side. These wishes are based on a traditional family image in which a man is seen as a head of the family: "the breadwinner" and "provider"; and the woman represents the feminine ideal: a caring mother, a good and wise housewife, and a faithful and loving wife.

The desire to be a housewife rests on the harsh reality of Eastern European countries. However, this does not mean that the ladies have no professional or private ambitions. Only the hard everyday life has shaped their ideas and way of thinking. For financial reasons, women can not only opt for being a wife and a good mother in their home countries. You have to combine all the duties that a good housewife and wife have with your professional life. And they master this task excellently because they are strong in their nature. For an average Russian woman, it is a peculiar luxury not to worry about her family's diet and future and to focus on her husband, children, and household.


Unlike free dating portals, reputable partner exchanges between east and west protect the data of their users. None of your contact details will be published. When you recognize us on the portal, you decide which of you will receive your email address or phone number.

  • Serious dating companies for Russian brides offer the following benefits

  • Contact exclusively with registered ladies. Only women who have registered with a brokerage firm and have passed an audit will contact you.

  • Browse dating profiles. As already mentioned, serious dating sites check their users. Fraudsters / fake profiles / profiles with stolen images are detected and excluded.

  • Technical measures against spammers and scammers.

  • Maintain a file / database. This includes not only checking new members, but also checking new uploaded images and deleting inactive profiles.

  • Competent and helpful support. Fast and competent support is needed. Complaints and requests should be reviewed and reviewed by a good sole stock market operator.